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UCharity is an independently set up charity est. 2013. We aim to help those in need who are homeless and those on the poverty line, struggling to make ends meet. We also help the Elderly, Young people and Families by offering support within the community.

Our objective is to provide help for all in need on our streets, living below the poverty line, families, young people and the community at large bridging the gap where needed.

To people of any faith or none, regardless of their background or ethnicity.

To be able to continue to provide this help we accept donations from members of the public whether it be clothing, food, or monetary etc as UCharity is totally funded from our own finances and do not receive any government funding.

Who We Are



Chair and Founder


Experience within the Public sector

spans over 20 years

Shez, our founder was born in South London and previously worked in the NHS for over 10 years and is now currently heavily involved within the childcare sector.
She works with members of the public dealing with many issues such as homelessness, mental abuse, physical abuse, drug and alcohol, domestic abuse issues and many more. This gives her a direct insight into the many problems people are facing in today's society.

Raising her children and having a teenage son has given her much experience in dealing first hand with the challenges young people and families are facing in today's society, peer pressure, lack of positive role models, Gang violence, and issues within the education system just to name a few.

All this has led to her great empathy and desire to want to help those in need. Her own journey has also given her insight as She left her Grandmother's home at an early age and lived in various hostels.

Through her personal and traumatic experiences she has gained an understanding of what it is like to be in a vulnerable position and go off the rails. She could not even imagine what it would be like to sleep rough but knows all too well that anyone can find themselves in this situation of instability. She was fortunate to have someone who cared enough to support her through the difficult times.


In finding her faith she has also found peace and stability. Shez' passion and strong desire is to give back to the community and those who find themselves in similar situations and much worse. Mike and Shez met mutually through their faith and both shared a great desire to "give back" and help those in need hence the birth of UCharity.



Treasurer and Co-founder


Private/Public sector experience
over 20 years

Mike our co-founder was born in South London and in his early childhood he lived in a deprived area of South East.

He witnessed first hand people with issues that could lead to homelessness such as mental health issues and drug and alcohol abuse. There was also a lack of male role models within the community, with many struggling single parent families, this contributed to crime, peer pressure, gang violence and a lack of motivation within the estates.

Fortunately for Michael his family moved to a more stable area in his early teens.

Mike has also experienced living in various hostels during his adolescence.
All this has given him an empathetic understanding and a direct insight towards people in need and those who suffered from the fate of life's unfortunate "twists and turns".  In his early twenties he turned to his creative side by channelling his ideas and emotions into his love of music hoping to make a better life for him self and spread hope.

When travelling to work Mike also came across many people who were homeless in the city and always felt a great sadness to see the homeless alone with no one to turn to.

Now he has found his Faith in Jesus he is using his many years of experience being a Musician/Artist for the "greater" good.


              Our Team

UCharity has a dedicated team who have a passion to help the community with their wealth of experience from various sectors such as Fire services, Transport, Childcare, Accountancy, IT and the NHS to name a few.

Health & Wellbeing Mentor

LiLi - UCharity Team

Experience within the Public sector spans over 10 years.



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Experience with Youth Intervention


Head of Youth Volunteering

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Experience within the Public sector - 2 years.



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Experience within the Childcare sector spans over 7 years.



Jo-volunteer - UCharity Team

Experience within the Public sector

spans over 10 years.



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