What we do

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UCharity is an independently set up charity est. 2013.

Who aim to help those in need who are homeless and those on the poverty line, struggling to make ends meet. We also help young people and families by offering support within the community.

We currently engage in outreach work on a weekly basis providing hot meals, clothing and toiletries to those in need. We also run an outreach service on a weekly basis, where we refer and offer a sympathetic ear and hot food reaching out to those most in need by going to the areas where our services are needed most..

We help to provide day shelter for the homeless, with washing facilities also supporting those with the process of finding temporary accommodation through referrals, help with work/education and also helping to empower young women and men to believe in themselves and build confidence that they can start again with the right support to reach and develop their full potential.

UCharity run a Food Bank:
On a weekly basis to help those who are affected by the current financial climate and families struggling in low paid jobs.

Community & Young People:
We also work closely with children/young people who are in need due to unfortunate circumstances.

Prison Ministry:
UCharity also work in prisons running workshops to help inmates gain new skills. We work closely with ex-offenders trying to integrate them back into society and giving them a second chance to get their lives back on track and break the cycle.

We hold various eventsthroughout the year to support families and children, as we know the struggles of raising a family in this current climate, from peer pressure and lack of motivation to low incomes. We aim to support them and alleviate stress for the parents by providing workshops, and much more.

Fundraising events include gospel concerts where all the proceeds go to help the charity.

Our objective is to provide for all in need on our streets and living below the poverty line to people of any faith or none, regardless of their background or ethnicity.

To be able to continue to provide this help we rely on donations from members of the public as we totally fund this charity from our own income/pocket.